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Thank you for visiting bluoceancoaching. I hope you will make yourself at home as you browse around bluocean. It’s my sincere conviction that everyone needs a coach. I have an executive coach from San Diego, California. I coach an executive coach from Springfield, Missouri. It takes courage and desire to enter into a coaching relationship.


You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor – Aristotle


Your presence on this site reveals courage and desire to consider a coaching relationship.


As an executive coach, I specialize in transformational leadership and strategic development for the executive leader and for organizational advancement. I’m committed to stand for my client’s transformation and development.


My clients reside throughout the U.S. and in Europe. Some are coached by phone, others via technology, and still others in-person.


I would love an opportunity to converse with you about what’s possible for our coaching together. One of the easiest ways to discover if I’m the right coach for you is to engage in a complementary coaching session. Look forward to hear from you.


Thank you,



Executive Coaching

Transformational Leadership

Speaking Engagements

Business Development

Strategic Planning

Pastor-Church Coaching

John coaches people that want to grow and change. They know there is more in them that they have to give to the world. Clients that envision a vast ocean full of possibilities, will step into a new space of freedom to be all that they’ve been designed to be.




John has an earned Doctorate in Leading Organizations and Empowering Leadership, a Master’s of Divinity, equiv. and Masters of Arts degree in Cross Cultural Communications.

Awarded the Sigma Chi Pi Honor, for scholastic, character and leadership acheivement, by The Alliance for Higher Education.

Active in global compassion initiatives:

  • Digging water wells in Africa
  • Feeding the hungry in Africa, Central America and the Philippine Islands
  • Building Churches in Africa
  • Started a non-profit organization to protect abused children in Iowa
  • Co-Founded a non-profit organization in Colombia, Missouri to combat human trafficking and end modern-day slavery
  • Member of a national compassion mission in the United States
  • Board of Advisors, Higher Education


Ask about a complementary Coaching Session.